Bringing wooden skateboards back to the future

Imagine skateboarding through the streets of a bustling metropolis on boards made from 100 per cent recyclable bio-composite wood.
An UITTO skateboard ready for use
An UITTO skateboard ready for use

Creatives in Helsinki, Finland are trying to bring wooden skateboards back to the future. Seasoned skateboard makers are trying to redefine board making by using wood fibres instead of the modern solid wood techniques, promising a greener alternative.  

Three skateboard makers developed UITTO, a method of moving logs from a forest to sawmills downstream using the current of a river. Through a technique called bio-composite, they are trying to produce skateboards by using thousands of wooden fibres and joining them together through water and air processes. And, they promise, that these boards do not sacrifice any build quality or integrity.

Their Kickstarter page, currently standing on roughly 6 000 dollars out of the 65 000 they need, explains that every board is sourced from a local Nordic forest where tree growth out paces forestry. The boards, unlike traditional wooden boards, are also 100 per cent waterproof and rigid making them ideal for use. 

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