A boot camp for your fingers

Masashi Kawamura has some fun designing a series of games to get users' fingers ready for the new Intel-powered tablets.
Finger Boot Camp by Intel and PARTY NY.
Finger Boot Camp by Intel and PARTY NY.

Intel has collaborated with Japanese designer Masashi Kawamura to create a playful series of games that train users’ fingers for speedy spinning, tapping, swiping, flicking and dragging on smart devices.  

As technology changes and user interfaces become increasingly intuitive, our bodies need to keep up. This is the premise of the campaign to launch the new lighting-fast Intel-powered tablets. Intel partnered with Kawamura and his team at PARTY NY, along with production company North Kingdom, to create the Finger Boot Camp. Five fun games test your finger’s swiftness in the many movements needed while operating a tablet or smart phone.

All of the games mimic different sports. There’s Flick Boxing, Spin the Bike, Swipe Canoeing, Drag Weight Lifting and Tap the Tire. 

The Finger Boot Camp games are available to play on smartphones and tablets. “Are you fast enough?” asks Kawamura. 

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