Bomma: Form, philosophy and phenomena

Bomma creates exquisite light installations from handblown glass.

Czech Republic-based lighting design studio Bomma create exquisite light installations from handblown glass. Combining traditional craft knowledge with innovation and technology, their range is at once classic and unconventional. Here are some of the lights in the collection, and the sentiment that inspired them:

Phenomena by Dechem Studio

The Phenomena collection was inspired by simple shapes: a circle, a triangle, a rectangle and an oval. The term phenomenon comes from the Greek word for “appearance”. In Plato’s idealist philosophy, phenomena are transient, likenesses of the eternal, perfect Forms and so are not truly real. This seems very fitting for a collection made of a material that is difficult yet versatile and strong yet fragile: glass.

Lantern by Jan Plecháč and Henry Wielgus

The main source of light on earth is the sun. Sunlight provides the energy that green plants use to create sugars mostly in the form of starches, which release energy into the living things that digest them. This process of photosynthesis provides virtually all the energy used by living things.

Soap by Ota Svoboda


Varying colours, transparency and continuously changing shapes – the characteristic features of a soap bubble inspired this collection. Each piece is freely hand-blown, no moulds are used, each is different in shape and colour.

Shibari by Kateřina Handlová

Shibari is not just a technique of tying up an object with ropes, it is a way of communication within a hidden system of lines and loops. The Japanese call it Kinbaku: the beauty of tight binding.

Tied-up Romance by Kateřina Handlová

We like to put crystal glass into a dramatic situation such as the bondage is. Just to express more of the fragile and the romantic nature of this material. The beauty of the contradiction... tied up romance.

Tim by Olgoj Chorchoj



The giant TIM domes were originally created to house TIM Burton’s movie characters in his Prague exhibition. The TIM lights followed and became an instant success at Salone del Mobile 2015. They are freely handblown weighing up to 30 kg and measuring up to 750 mm – a dimension very few glassmakers in the world can achieve.

Ignis by Eduard Herrmann


Ignis is an archetypal lamp with a modern spirit. Pure crystal is combined with a precise cut pattern as a lampshade to reach a delicate aesthetics of these two components. Ignis means “fire” in Latin – pure and elegant.