Bike light

KiBiSi's new iFlash One light easily attaches to bicycles with magnets. It's about commuter safety, but also about having fun with an everyday object.

iFlash One is a bright new bike light by KiBiSi.

Intuitive to use, easy to store and ideal for the modern, on-the-go lifestyle, the iFlash takes a holistic approach to lighting and its fittings.

The iFlash attaches to the bike with magnets – an effortless process which sees the light clicking onto a magnetic base fixed to the handlebars or seat post of the bicycle. The light turns on automatically once it is connected. When the light is not in use it can easily be folded up and stored in the rider’s pocket.

To make positioning on the bike easier, the iFlash has been colour-coded on the front and rear lights with opposing magnet directions.

KiBiSi highlight more of the device’s features: “iFlash One gives you the possibility of either a flashing or steady light, providing 60 hours of battery life in flashing mode. The integrated wide-angle lens ensures a safe ride while fulfilling the new Danish legal requirements for bicycle lights.”

The iFlash is also about safety and fun, with the everyday simplicity and usability of the light making it easy to use.

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