The Bhulk 3D-printed bike frame is made from plants

Italian design studio Eurocompositi are attempting to change the way we make bicycles.

The Bhulk bike frame presents a sustainable and ecological alternative to the generic metal bike frame. Recent recipient of the 2015 Eurobike Award, the green frame is made up of PLA, a biopolymer derived from plant sources. The bike forms part of Italian design studio Eurocompositi’s Aenimal project, which is focussed on producing new, environmentally conscious bicycle prototypes.

The Italian designers produce the bikes in their solar-powered Aenimal production facility, where they use an advanced 3D printing technology to print any objects without shape limitations. The material used in the printing process is biodegradable, recycled and recyclable biopolymer resin, which is derived from renewable resources such as cornstarch or sugarcane. This means that the frame can be melted back down to its material form or grinded into compost.

The bike frame is designed with 3D modelling software, which creates individual slotted tubes that can be quickly joined together to form the sturdy frame.

At the Eurobike Awards, the judging panel had this to say about the bike design: “We’re presenting this innovation with an award because its technology is so visionary that it could revolutionise the way bikes are customised and manufactured.”