BeSeens: LED imbedded, hand-signalling cycling gloves

BeSeens use motion detection and LED lighting to make indicating safer for cyclists.

BeSeens, a new innovation, considers the safety of cyclists. Using the latest technology and motion detection, BeSeens considers itself the “most advanced and easiest to use safety cycling gloves in the world.”

Mark Waldron and his business partner developed the product using their own experiences and the recommendations of other cyclists with a priority on the ease of use. BeSeens use motion detection and LED lighting to signal so that the rider can maintain focus on the road. This is a vast improvement on competing products, which distract the rider from the road in order to activate the signal in some way.  

Waldron explains that each of the waterproof pods “hold 7 'Super Bright' LEDs visible [up] to 30 metres during the day and 100 metres at night.” BeSeens have three different modes including the standard flash for international road signalling, the super flash for high-speed differentiation and the always-on option for road racing and fast team signalling.

The gloves also come in a variety of colours, sizes and styles to adapt to different types of cycling. The LEDs are green when charged, and red when low; the batteries last up to seven hours and come with dual charging cables.

BeSeens is in its start-up stages, but the partnership hopes to gain support via a crowdfunding campaign so they can start retail production

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