Belly laughs

Shit happens in the Bollywood version of the Hangover movie! The writer of Delhi Belly will be speaking at Design Indaba 2012.
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“Shit happens”, and then the comment: “This is a film that will destroy 5000 years of Indian civilization.”

With the former statement being the tagline for the film Delhi Belly, and the latter being the opinion of one critic, Akshat Verma’s debut film certainly manages to attract attention.

Some 15 years in the making, Delhi Belly is the brainchild of Indian writer Akshat Verma. The film has recently turned into a Bollywood hit.

The script came to life with the title Say Cheese when Verma was a screenwriting student at the University of California. But it was only when Bollywood star Aamir Khan, who produced the Oscar-nominated Lagaan, took an interest in the film that things started happening. The rest is history, of which you can find out more at Design Indaba Conference 2012, where Verma will be speaking.

The basic plot of Delhi Belly sees three struggling roommates unknowingly become the potential prey of a ruthless gangster. Despite (cynical) worries that the film might destroy Indian civilization, it soon became a laugh-a-minute hit in India and abroad.

Here’s a short teaser:

Akshat Verma will be speaking at Design Indaba Conference from 29 February to 2 March 2012. 

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