Behind the bars

A creative project in Pollsmoor Prison is teaching valuable social and developmental skills to youths.

The Insider Art II exhibition features art works by youths in Pollsmoor Prison in Cape Town. The exhibition is the culmination of a skills development programme run by Young in Prison (YiP) South Africa.

YiP encourages participants between the ages of 14 and 21 to express themselves creatively through a range of mediums, including poetry, drama, music, craft, writing and drawing. The project takes a holistic approach to positive mentoring and giving the young inmates a voice.

The rehabilitation programme uses art, culture and sport as a vehicle to encourage individual development, and to help these youth make positive life changes to become contributing members of society upon their release. A part of the programme also focuses on skills for reintegration into normal community life.

The exhibition runs until 1 June 2010 at Word of Art. It also coincides with the launch of the third issue of Inside Out, a quarterly magazine that compiles the creative work of the young inmates.