Bathing beauty

Patricia Urquiola’s bathroom range for Axor brings a touch of poetry and playfulness to the collection.

Patricia Urquiola joins the likes of Philippe Starck, Antonio Citterio and Jean-Marie Massaud as a designer who has collaborated with designer brand Axor to create a bathroom collection. This collection of work also signifies the first time Axor has joined forces with a female designer.

The bathroom collection includes bathtubs, faucets, wash basins and accessories that all highlight technical functionality while also incorporating elements of intimacy, poetry and warmth.

Urquiola’s collection is part of Axor’s “WaterDream” project, “an idependent, open process that thrives on dialogue with young, innovative designers”. “Axor Urquiola” combines bedroom and bathroom spaces to work as a single, relaxing space.

The classic shapes of the bathtubs and wash basins are a reinterpretation of old fashioned bathroom ware, with a modern twist given by Urquiola’s use of a mineral cast with polyester gel coat surface.

The twin bathtubs allow for intimacy while also ensuring that bath time remains a customised experience. The asymmetry of the various pieces add a characteristic design element to the collection.

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