In the bag

We just love it when things are local (because it's lekker), eco-friendly and street chic, like Give it Bag.

Share the load, spread the word and Give it Bag! Or give back to the environment and the community by acquiring any one (or three, or ten) of these super cool Give it Bags.

Give it Bag is a Cape Town-based NGO that designs and manufactures a range of handbags, laundry bags, overnight bags and wine coolers using recycled polypropylene rubble bags and cotton.

Aiming to raise awareness about recycling issues and community upliftment, Give it Bag is helping to sustain jobs. A unique Give it Bag system is also promoting charitable acts. Each bag has a five-digit number that serves as a reference number and encouraging bag owners to share their stories of good deeds on Give it Bag’s website.

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