Art to eat

Think gingerbread is only for gingerbread men? Think again. And think domes, skulls and Bauhaus replications.

‘Tis the season of gingerbread creations and who doesn’t love a yummy little gingerbread man?

Gingerbread is associated with Austrian Christmas markets and festive decorations and so Austrian furniture company Bene challenged designers to use this edible material in unexpected ways.

Under the theme “Timeless Beauty”, the "Eat Art" competition invited design and architecture consultancies to break with tradition and let their imagination run free, when it comes to the possibilities of gingerbread.

The results did not disappoint. Ranging from a decorated skull to a Bauhaus replication, the result were literally good enough to eat.

Bene’s idea was to get leading creatives to work on a smaller scale but that the gingerbread project would demand as much imagination as any formal project in their practice.

While there were no specifications is terms of the size, volume or surface of the designs, each design team was given two sheets of 55 x 70cm gingerbread to work with. All other materials used in the creations also had to be edible.