Argali and Dew by Hella Jongerius

Hella Jongerius’s two new rug designs will give handmade enthusiasts a reason to celebrate.

Dutch industrial and product designer Hella Jongerius continues her exploration into the beauty of handmade products with the design of two new rugs.

For the Argali collection, Jongerius drew inspiration from Nepalese kilim rugs, a flat tapestry-woven loose carpet that can be used as a prayer mat or purely for decoration. In a palette of six colours typical of the region’s yarn, the Argali collection retains its naturally faded colour and irregular character, giving each rug an authentic appeal. 

Each individual rug features distinct design details including braided fringes that reference the old Nepalese custom of finishing off rugs, as well as a silk yarn hand-embroidered section that brings to mind the old tradition of repairing rugs. The yarn for each is handspun by local weavers in Nepal using Tibetan wool taken from the wild Argali sheep found in the Himalayan Mountains.

The Argali design is a contemporary take on the kilim. "It retains the high quality of traditional construction and includes crispy, fresh details," says Jongerius. 

The Dew collection provides a more luxurious rug for the home. Inspired by her desire to create a soft, comfortable rug, Jongerius opted for the technique of hand tufting. This ancient weaving technique is used for making warm garments, particularly mittens, because it creates a dense insulating layer. Instead of using a tufting gun, Jongerius hand cut each pile of high-quality raw wool from New Zealand. The end result is a rug that has a lively and uneven character with a handmade feel due to the shadow created on the surface of an otherwise monochrome design.

The soft woollen round and distinct yarns give the design a contemporary, thick and sophisticated feel, says Jongerius. 

Jongerius designed both the Argali and Dew collections for Dutch rug manufacturer Danskina

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