The American design dream at Basel2010

Some of the finest vintage and contemporary American designers' work will be on display at Design Miami/Basel this year.

R20th Century Gallery will be presenting American designers at Design Miami/Basel in Basel Switzerland between 15 and 19 June 2010.

As the only US gallery to focus exclusively on American designers during Design Miami/Basel, R20th are presenting some of the foremost work in vintage modernism and contemporary design. The work of Wendell Castle, Greta Magnusson Grossman, David Wiseman and Jeff Zimmerman will be on display.

Evan Snyderman, co-founder of R20th, says “Presenting these Americans as a group is a very significant step. They represent a continuum: Grossman is a major, largely forgotten historic figure while Wiseman and Zimmerman are rising stars. Castle is an icon, still working; he is the bridge between the historic and the contemporary."

R20th Century Gallery are active participants in Design Miami/Basel, which started in 2005 and is held concurrently with Art Basel in Miami (in December) and in Basel (in June).

Steven Learner Studio, a New York architecture and interior design firm known for their sublimely crafted projects, are responsible for the design of R20th’s booth at Design Miami/Basel. The booth is a subtle combination of the vintage and the contemporary.