After creation

An exhibition in Israel, curated by Li Edelkoort, considers the past to look to the future.

Post Fossil: Excavating 21st Century Creation examines how design of the future can be inspired by the archaic aesthetics, organic material and poetic techniques of the past.

Running until 30 April 2011 at the Design Museum Holon in Israel, the exhibition was curated by trend-forecaster Li Edelkoort.

Featuring the work of more than 60 contemporary designers, the exhibition highlights the end of design for design’s sake. Rather, it wants to review the value system that places objects at the forefront of design. It’s about “a new breed of designers creating work that challenges and overturns our conventional notions of design”.

Pieke Bergmans, Nacho Carbonell, Arik Levy, Tomás Libertiny, Peter Marigold, Tanja Saeter, Studio Job and Boaz Cohen are just some of the designers whose work can be seen in the exhibition. These designers are taking a step back in human history to a time when the creation (the act of making things) process was essential to survival.

Edelkoort explains what Post Fossil embodies: “To break with a materialistic mentality, replacing it with the materialisation of modest earth-bound and recomposed matter.”

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