African impressions

Dark Clouds are Gathering is the solo exhibition of Berlin-based artist Olaf Hajek at Whatiftheworld gallery in Cape Town.
Posted 6 Apr 11 By Design Indaba Creative Work / Design News Comments

Berlin-based illustrator and figurative artist Olaf Hajek’s impressions of Africa form the departure point for his series of new works, “Dark clouds are gathering” which can be seen at Whatiftheworld gallery in Cape Town, until 16 April 2011.

Characterised by a sense of wonder inspired by the natural beauty of the African continent, Hajek’s work is simultaneously able to look at the darker social and political reality of what is happening here. At first aesthetically pleasing, his work also points to a series of more complex concerns.

Hajek works on the border of reality and imagination, reconciling the rough with the smooth with his signature use of colour and technique.

Transporting the viewer to a world of “surreal juxtaposition and rearranged realities”, Hajek’s work has been exhibited in London, Berlin, New York and Buenos Aires. He has also designed stamps for the Royal Mail.