An affordable, open-source home

As part of the push toward sustainable design, Studiolada released plans for the Open Source House.

Open Source House by Studiolada

An elderly couple approached French architectural firm Studiolada to help them create a sustainable home without the frills and finishes used in a regular house.

To do it, the team stripped the plan of plasterboard and paint, leaving the sustainable wood panelling of the home exposed. What they created is a bare-bones approach to home design.

According to the firm, the home was built with affordability and energy efficiency in mind. Sustainable wood found in the area was used as the primary building material – cut and varnished in a nearby woodshop.

Apart from a prefabricated concrete support structure, the exterior and interior of the home are clad in wood, creating a minimalist aesthetic.

To promote their essentialist approach, the studio made the plan for the 1200 foot home and free standing garage available for free download.