Adhesive exhibit

Curved, fury and red, the Tuft Pula installation is made of adhesive tape and makes you feel like you're in a spider's web.

Croatian designers For Use/Numen first caught our attention with their large spider web-like installation made entirely of adhesive packaging tape in 2012.

Since then the collective have also created a giant net installation, which encouraged both adults and children to explore the art piece, much like one would a maze.

Their latest project, “Tuft Pula” is an evolution of the tape concept into something more permanent, while still ensuring that the structure is easily transferable.

For Tuft Pula adhesive tape is used to create the form of the installation object. The result is a carpet-lined cocoon suspended from the ceiling of a former church in Croatia. Two funnel-like structures, both made of adhesive tape, overlap and are wrapped around a skeletal framework to resemble a web.

Like their previous installations, visitors are invited to climb inside the structure where they can experience curved and furry red walls, giving it the look and feel of a womb-like interior.