Adam Court for OKHA Interiors

Adam Court’s interior designs for OKHA Interiors create an ambience of calmness and composure.

Adam Court has specially designed a range of products for OKHA Interiors.  The objective of the designs was to create interior décor for the OKHA project Nettleton 199, a building that maximizes the connection between its view and the sea. The interior design aimed to create a soft, intimate space that would co-exist with the clean and geometric lines of the building’s architecture.

The range of products that Court has created, function as an emotional and sensational journey when moving through the house. The décor feels organic and natural as colour is limited and a range of textures and finishes are used.

We wanted the interior to surprise, when moving from space to space.

OKHA products are manufactured locally in South Africa and utilise only skilled local artisans and wherever possible locally sourced materials.