Abstract_ turns what you feel into what you wear

A team of creatives have designed a clothing concept that allows the wearer’s feelings and facial expression to play a role in the creation of a garment.

The concept of wearing your heart on your sleeve could soon become a reality with Abstract_, a new clothing concept by fashion designer Julie Helles Eriksen, interaction designer Bjørn Karmann, and textile designer Kristine Boesen.

The team’s idea is to use new technology to make clothes based on how you feel and your personal story. It would do this by analysing your key strokes and facial expression through your computer’s webcam.

The online store uses what the customer wrote (and how it was written) to develop a pattern. The customer’s facial expression determines the colour of the pattern.

Abstract_ transfers the pattern to a textile that will be further transformed into the garment of the customer’s choosing.

According to Eriksen’s website, the hope is that the leap to more customised products will lead to a more sustainable and conscious way of producing clothes as the wearer will have a deeper connection to the garment.

The experience is expected to take the act of making a statement with your clothes to a whole new level.