Abstract retrospective

“Colour, stripes, planes and curves” celebrates the 50-year career of abstract artist Bridget Riley.
Posted 22 Sep 11 By Design Indaba Creative Work / Design News Comments

For about half a century now Bridget Roley has been one of the world’s foremost abstract painters. And now a retrospective exhibition at the Kettle's Yard in London pays tribute to this influential artist.

“Colour, stripes, planes and curves” runs until 20 November 2011 and trace Riley’s progress of the past 30 years looking at the agency of stripes, planes and curves in her work.

Much of Riley’s work is inspired by the things, colours, shadows and shapes, that she first became aware of as a child.

The exhibition will mark Riley’s 80th birthday, as well as recognize the 50th anniversary of her “Movement in Squares”, the monochromatic work that set the tone for much of Riley’s optical illusion style work that came to characterize her creative style.