15-Year edit at Milan2011

The Karim Sampler exhibition presented some of Karim Rashid’s key works of the past 15 years.

Karim Sampler: An edit for the last 15 years was the title of a retrospective exhibiton of the work of Karim Rashid at the Milan Furniture Fair recently.

Presented by art, architecture and design magazine Area, together with Cielo, Martini, Novacolor and Velux, the exhibition featured more than 100 “touchable and visibile” products that characterise Rashid’s career. Curated by Area editor-in-chief Marco Casamonti and Rashid himself, the exhibition revealed much about the multi-faceted and eccentric nature of his work, as well as his “extraordinary ability to perceive reactions and sensations generated by space”.

Throughout the exhibition Rashid’s philosophy of “colour brings the world to life” was visibly apparent.

The 400 m2 exhibition space displayed designs Rashid did for some of the biggest companies in the world, alongside videos, drawing, installation and Rashid’s “blobjects” – more than 100 curved, rounded, sensual items. There is the historic Garbo wastebasket designed in 1996 and which has since been reproduced in some two million copies.