Léa Pereyre on inventing a new field in drone costume design

The ECAL graduate's #Antenna2017 talk touches on the evolution of technology in the robotic field and creating choreographed drones.

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Before industrial designer, Léa Pereyre, started working at Verity Studios the job description of "drone costume designer" did not exist.

This is because the ECAL graduate, who was one of the speakers at the inaugural #antenna2017, is working in a field that would not exist had technology not developed to a point where one can control drones using algorithms.

Together with a team of engineers, Léa is able to create magic and poetry with highly sophisticated, choreographed drones. "Thanks to their intelligence, provided by advanced algorithms, custom electronics designs, and by our own indoor GPS system, these drones know precisely where they are."

This means that a large number of drones can fly together in a programmed choreography piece. The drones have been featured in a number of productions, most notably Metallica's current tour, where micro drones fly above the band during the rock band’s performance, bringing a new dimension to their recent hit “Moth into Flame”. 

This is the world’s first autonomous drone swarm performance in a major touring act. 

At #antenna2017, Léa took us through her process, the science behind what she does, and the possibilities that lie ahead for the field.