Reggie Watts on performance, space, sound and culture

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Performance and space can go a long way towards expressing thoughts and ideas, says Reggie Watts.
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For comedian and sound engineer Reggie Watts, anything is possible if one has the ability to imagine it and the apparatus to express it. 

Here he talks about digital intelligence, expressing ideas, finding techniques to deal with the world and new technologies.

How do performance and space relate to each other? asks Reggie Watts.

Sound and culture work well together for the musician. He uses new technologies, culture and innovation to explore the interesting ways in which we experience the world.

Tongue firmly planted in cheek, he uses humour, song and a smattering of Brian Eno to express his quirky experiences.


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Reggie Watts has thrilled audiences across the world with his unique brand of improvised comedy, boggling both comedy and music fans alike.
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