Deborah Szebeko on tackling social issues with creativity

Posted 8th February 2012 • By Design Indaba • Topic Design Thinking • Category Talks in Design Indaba TVDesign Indaba Conference 2011 • Duration 00:16:24
Deborah Szebeko looks at some of the ways that creativity can be used to tackle social issues.
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In her position as founder of thinkpublic, London-based social designer Deborah Szebeko is concerned with the question of how to creatively solve social issues. She also looks to finding a way to make the public a design partner in this process.

If you could design anything to improve the way we live, what would it be? Szebeko asks.

Szebeko talks about utilising design to improve patient experiences in hospitals in the UK and speaks about the design of a service that helps people with dementia and provides support for their families. She points out that we need to develop a new language for communicating with government and must stop thinking in "silos."


Related Profile

Deborah Szebeko is the founder of thinkpublic. She combines design and social entrepreneurship to seek solutions to many social challenges.