Pretoria's WitOpWit (WOW) captures the nostalgia of South African cities in their one-of-a-kind laser cut designs.

WitOpWit (WOW) is a concept factory based in Pretoria, South Africa, that develops ideas, products, experiences and installations around anything from places and events to food and beyond. Creators Karlien Thomashoff, Inge Wilkinson and Marguerite Pienaar have managed to capture the nostalgia of South African cities in unique and visually intriguing laser-cut white cardboard boxes. 

WOW started the City-in-a-Box concept with a unique pop-up card that makes use of the most famous landmarks of South African cities and landscapes as a simple architectural display (up to now Pretoria, Bloemfontein and the Karoo). The cards, cut with a special cutter, are assembled by hand before being packed into cardboard boxes-cum-envelopes. Pretoria-in-a-Box incorporates the Freedom Monument, the whale bone at the Ditsong Museum, the Union Building, Voortrekker Monument, Telkom Tower and Paul Kruger’s statue. They have developed several other exciting products around images of the city, including table runners and jewellery pieces. WitOpWit plans to have a whole series of South Africa’s most well-known cities and experiment with the concept of pop-up shops.