Willowlamp’s are dynamic – every movement in the air can be seen on their surface, suggesting something quite ‘impressionable’ and delicate.

Willowlamp specialises in bespoke and custom designed lights, mainly chandeliers. The entire collection of lamps is based on an innovative concept utilising ballchain (which comes in various sizes and finishes) fastened, lasercut stainless steel frame designs. The ballchain is attached via the patented notch to form a curtain of chain, or to create highly complex multi-levelled and layered designs. The designs are highly sculptural in form and become artworks or "illuminated sculptural forms" in their own right, a perfect synthesis of art and design. The applications and designs that result from the simple concept are endless. All the lights are of exceptional quality made from the most durable materials and every detail and component used is of the highest standard available.