Wandile Leeu

This young entrepreneur is spearheading a new street-style fashion brand.

Wandile Leeu is the founder of Johannesburg-based urban fashion label I RUN JHB. Passionate about the aesthetic and subculture of Umswenko, Leeu uses traditional ethnic fabrics to create modern, street-inspired casual wear.

Though Leeu has been expanding the scope and design repertoire of his budding fashion label during the past few years, he maintains an attitude of honouring indigenous cultures through his work. According to him, I RUN JHB carries DNA of unique ethnic fashions including styles of isiZulu people, isiSwati, Sepedi and TshiVenda.

“When creating urban street culture wear, we keep up with global trends through what is popular with the youth around the world and interpret that through an African aesthetic,” says Leeu, “The name of the brand is inspired by the aim to celebrate the iconic world class city Johannesburg which is synonymous with the hustling , go-getting and dream chasing mentality.”