Viola Greyling

Viola Greyling is a young ceramicist from the Tshwane University of Technology.

For Viola Greyling, creating forms a vital port of who she is. Living a mostly nomadic life and never touching base, her work is closely connected and largely influenced by this personal theme. She uses the photographs from her life and travelling materials as inspiration for her creative practice, which is titled Viola Art Greyling. 

While she often explores with different mediums and materials, she has spent the past year mainly focusing on using ceramics to create her art. Greyling believes that clay is a humble medium that can withstand high temperatures and can be constantly transformed and recycled. By shaping and re-shaping, she is able to create almost anything from a smooth to textured surface, to produce the best end product from her original design. 

Greyling is a Fine and Applied Arts student from the Tshwane University of Technology. Some of her most celebrated work includes a vase series called 'Back and Forth' that relates to her time spent relocating between continents. The series was part of the top 100 finalists for Sasol New Signatures 2019 and was bought as part of the University of Pretoria’s ceramic collection.