Uté Francke

Uté Francke is a contemporary jewellery designer, owner of The Hornet’s Nest and part of the 2015 Emerging Creatives programme.
The Hornet's Nest
The Hornet's Nest Standard
Jewellery Designer South Africa / Paarl

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Uté Francke studied jewellery design at the Jack Meyer Art School and then at Stellenbosch University. Her aim is to breath new life into the jewellery industry and to broaden people's perception of preciousness. 

Francke’s series of contemporary jewellery pieces are inspired by the tension and contrast between a voluminous shape and the detailed and intricate lines of a constructed form. These elements are combined to create pieces that resemble small, surreal flying machines. She draws on detailed illustrations of hot air balloons, lanterns, intricate plants and clock mechanisms as a source of inspiration. 

Francke wants the wearer to interact physically with her jewellery and has incorporated moving components into all of her pieces to ensure that. Her jewellery is made using wood, silver, brass, gemstones and pastel acrylic paints for a burst of colour.