The Tretchikoff Project

Natasha Swift and Ari Lazaris have created a range of products spun off from artist Vladimir Tretchikoff's famous paintings.

The Tretchikoff Project team are Natasha Swift, Tretchikoff’s granddaughter, and Ari Lazaris. The pair combined their skills in marketing, brand building and retail to launch the Tretchikoff Brand in 2011 and are steadily growing the brand's product offering.

To know Vladimir Tretchikoff’s work is to understand an artist who became a phenomenon. Now, in the 21st century, the Tretchikoff Project asks the question: What would Tretchikoff do today? Would he ask Tom Ford to design a collection of Tretchikoff-inspired dresses? Might he sweet-talk Jean-Paul Gautier into designing a collaborative Chinese Girl Perfume?

Tretchikoff’s family believes that the passion with which he lived his life and transferred into so many beautiful paintings is a legacy that requires celebrating. 

* The Tretchikoff Project donated a Carry Table for the CREATe.CHANGE initiative at Design Indaba Expo 2015.