Tony Gum

Tony Gum, named by Vogue as the "coolest girl in Cape Town", is an artist in learning.

Tony Gum is a fresh and energetic young "artist in learning", who has been dubbed by Vogue International as the "Coolest Girl in Cape Town". She is the co-founder of the Local Collective Vlog on YouTube, which is affiliated to the Icon Endemol global network of multimedia content producers.

Gum is a second-year film student at the Cape Peninsula University of Technology and is producing a new prism through which to view African contemporary art, fashion and culture. Gum is represented by the Christopher Moller Art Gallery and her latest projects include "uTwiggy", "iSnap" and the famous "Black Coca" series, launched at the Johannesburg Art Fair 2015. This launch saw Gum collaborating with FNB as the official poster artist for the fair.                

The Cola series featured an array of projected identities that she beautifully spliced together with the global iconic Coke brand. Through the power of her visuals, Gum aims to show a pathway to embracing the West while remaining true and proud of one’s heritage. Her inspiration and message behind the Coca-Cola series, in creating an African representative for the popular beverage as Coke, is making the Coke brand uniquely African and creating an intimate link between the brand and the "people". Gum is proud of her African heritage but she is equally happy to fuse with Western brands: she has the best of both worlds.

In 2016, Gum will be launching her new body of work at the Cape Town Art Fair at the Cape Town International Convention Centre (CTICC) from 19 to 21 February; and the Pulse New York Contemporary Art Fair at the Metropolitan Pavilion from 3 to 6 March.