Tomas Leach

Tomas Leach is a London-based film director of commercial productions and creative documentaries, including the Little Scraps of Paper series.

Tomas Leach graduated from film school in the UK in 2002 and went to work at Fabrica in Italy. Since then, he has been directing documentaries and commercials in the UK, Europe and some of the rest of the world too. 

Leach has directed commercial work for Adidas, BMW, Powerade and the BBC amongst others. His documentaries have screened all around the world and have picked up a couple of prizes, including a nomination for Best Newcomer at the Griersons for the film Beekeeping After War.

Leach creative directs a series called Little Scraps of Paper about creative people and their notebooks. A selection of the films are being featured on as part of #FilmFestFridays in June 2013.

His first feature documentary, In No Great Hurry, about photographer Saul Leiter, was released in 2012.

Leach is represented by Moxie Pictures. He lives and works in London.