Thandazani Nofingxana

RICH IS BLACK and Vice Versa dealt with social issues including race, emotions and insecurities.

Thandazani Nofingxana is a 21-year-old artist who studied at Nelson Mandela University where he attained a BA of Visual Arts in fashion and textile design. Originally from Mthatha, he is currently based in Port Elizabeth. 

Nofingxana is known for work such as ‘RICH IS BLACK’ and ‘vice versa’, which is a platform he created for himself to channel his frustrations into his work. Having dealt with topics such as cultural stereotypes, xenophobia, emotions and insecurities.

Colour, culture and emotions plays a significant role in Nofingxana creative process.

“I believe that everything we as the human race experience is based on the three concepts, and that is what I’m trying communicate using."