Taxi Violence

The day that Taxi Violence became a band was the day that South African rock ‘n roll saw its future…
Taxi Violence. Photo: Baden Moir.

Eight years, countless tours, numerous singles, more than a few accolades and high praises later, the Cape Town rockists still know better than most how to throw down a good ol’ fashioned, panty flinging, hair-waving rock ’n roll party like no other! Born on a military base in 2004, Taxi Violence have certainly travelled the long and winding road to success as one of the best live acts to have come out of South Africa in recent years. Their blues-infused retro rock with just a dash of sleaze and mirth for good measure finds a willing reception wherever it parks its wagon. This is where you want to be: Aces’n’Spades Bar on Wednesday 27 February at 22:00.  


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