Takudzwa Dlamini

Takudzwa Dlamini is a South African fashion designer.

Takudzwa Dlamini describes herself as a woman who embraces her quirks and someone of very few words. She uses fashion as a voice and a vehicle to communicate. The young fashion designer has an affinity for functional, contemporary and minimal design. She enjoys incorporating playful, organic, unexpected and often conflicting elements together.

Her work is informed and dedicated to empowering and aims to redefine and subvert societal views around being a woman and the notions of femininity and masculinity, and how they interact with one another. Her brand, Taku Dlamini PTY LTD, aims to offer a new version of femininity, while simultaneously celebrating women through the fusion of fashion and art – without sacrificing comfort to accomplish any task.
 In a rapidly evolving climate, she's opted to explore a slower pace of life and designs that celebrate craft and longevity. Her pieces are made with intention and the fabric selection is carefully considered.
 By embracing the unusual and exploring a youthful edge through design, her brand focuses on unexpected pairings that feel real and unique and reflect people more truly and inclusively.

Dlamini completed her BA in fashion design at LISOF in 2017. She also debuted her first collection titled “Woman is a Word”, which was a conceptual collection that reimagined an alternative version of the feminine, by exploring the relationship between femininity and masculinity. The underlying message of the collection is to empower its wearer. After a brief hiatus to figure out what she wanted for her brand, she launched her eponymous label in September 2019.

Taku Dlamini is a contemporary South African womenswear brand. Alongside sustainable production practices, the studio prides itself in creating timeless, versatile staples that are delightfully unexpected in their details. The key themes in her work are culture, feminism, storytelling and she always aims to invoke a sense of nostalgia. She's a firm advocate of embracing individuality. All Taku Dlamini pieces are designed and made in Johannesburg, South Africa.