Sunu Gonera

The Cannes Lions award-winning filmmaker believes in authentic African storytelling.

Hailing from the townships of Zimbabwe during the turmoil of the Civil War, Sunu’s career path reads more like a movie than real life. His sporting abilities enabled him to travel and study, resulting in a degree in Organizational Psychology from the University of Cape Town.

Despite a promising banking career, Sunu’s dream of filmmaking soon took over.

Within three short years, he received several prestigious directing awards for commercials such as Nike and Coca Cola, while his short film, Riding with Sugar, was screened at Cannes. In 2006, Sunu landed his first feature directing assignment with Lionsgate, Pride, which tells the true story of Jim Ellis (played by Academy Award nominee Terrence Howard) – a black swimming coach who transformed the lives of troubled inner city youths in Philadelphia.

In Hollywood, he also directed Madam Secretary, a People’s nominated series with Tea Leoni. Sunu returned to South Africa in 2013 and quickly picked up where he left off, becoming the top-ranked director at the Loerie Awards in 2017.

His One Source music video with Khuli Chana for Absolut won Gold, two Silvers and a Bronze at Cannes Lions and was the most awarded campaign at The Bookmarks this year.