South African Post Office

A variety of design and printing techniques is used for stamps made by the South African Post Office, so that they can convey their message wherever they go.

The Philatelic Services division of the South African Post Office is responsible for the design, printing and distribution of the country's commemorative philatelic products. These include postage stamps, commemorative envelopes, postcards and coffee-table books. South Africa's first postage stamp, the Cape Triangular, was issued on 1 September 1853 – the first triangular stamp in the world and the first stamp in Africa.

Currently the Post Office issues 12 to 15 commemorative stamps per year. The themes for the issues are approved by Cabinet of Parliament. The South African Post Office will showcase a variety of philatelic products at Design Indaba Expo, including the postage stamps to commemorate World Design Capital Cape Town 2014.