SHIFT aims to showcase the innovate capacity and potential of the people of Stellenbosch.

SHIFT will create a platform within the broader Stellenbosch region for showcasing the innovative capacity and potential of the people of Stellenbosch for the world to see. SHIFT has partnered with stakeholders including Stellenbosch Municipality, Heart Capital, Innovation District, Stellenbosch 360, Imbadu, Loxion Foundation, Imagine Inc., Film School Africa, Ecostake and The Stellenbosch Week of Photography. The year-long SHIFT legacy event/s includes initiatives with the primary aim of uplifting educational, social, environmental, technological and economic spheres within the broader Stellenbosch Region. 

The SHIFT event/s throughout 2014 will culminate in a 24-hour event towards the end the year, which will be a celebration of innovative events, performances, workshops, exhibitions and talks that will aid in shifting the perspectives of those within the Stellenbosch community.