Shelley Klopper

This graphic designer aims to reinvigorate the craft of handmade leather accessories.

Shelley Klopper is a graduate of the University of Stellenbosch with an academic background in visual communication. Klopper owns a fashion accessory brand called Verse.

After spending time in the Karoo, Klopper decided to start a business of creating future heirlooms from leather. She produces a range of accessories, handmade and minimally detailed, that carries the story of its makers. Klopper uses no machinery in her work, thus making it a labour-intensive kind of creativity, but she believes it is the men and women who join in the revival of this leather craft that makes her journey exciting.

“My hope is to grow this business, because as it grows so will the employment opportunities it can provide. If I’m to create the proudly South African brand I envision, I need to connect to people in the industry and find ways to showcase my craft.”