Shaina Garfield

Shaina Garfield’s creative interests are at the intersection of environmentalism, disability studies, and food equality.


Shaina Garfield creates impactful change through design, advocacy, writing, and education. Shaina wants her creativity to not only solve problems but also celebrate communities, cultures and the Earth.

As a disabled designer, she has been given unique perspectives to make the world more inclusive and respectful to disabled people. Being disabled has given her a greater sense of empathy for not only her community but for any stigmatized or minority group. Healing is a large part of Shaina’s journey which she has done so in connecting with Nature. Because of this, she wants to create a healthier world for herself and our planet.

Shaina has exhibited at Dutch Design Week, Dubai Design Week, and The Cooper Hewitt Smithsonian Design Museum. When she is not having fun working at her local farmers market in Brooklyn, Shaina is advocating for disabilities and designing playful jewelry. As she shares her passions with the world, Shaina is looking for ways to collaborate with those from different backgrounds in hope of continually creating a better world.