SA Creatives

SA Creatives is a proud media partner to Design Indaba FilmFest 2015.

SA Creatives is a platform where creatives, thought leaders and idea engineers inspire and get inspired. It’s a space where individuals connect, promote their work, share ideas and collaborate with like-minded people. The website dishes out content supplied by pioneers from industries ranging from fine arts, design, film through to advertising. Furthermore, it provides much needed creative news for those who want to be in the know.

SA Creatives prides itself in continuously providing tools for creatives to grow. This is achieved through built in tools like Find-a-creative, showcases and creative news. The  SA Creatives team have  taken it one step further introducing a job portal that distributes jobs via  partner influencer social media platforms.

To date SA Creatives has won several awards, ranging from Blogger of the year through to arts and craft awards. Through strategic partnerships the team continue make award winning connections not only online but offline too. The organization distributes its knowledge via talks, lectures and mini events for business minded creatives

SA Creatives
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