Rendani "Missblacdropp" Nemakhavhani

Rendani “Missblacdropp” Nemakhavani is a graphic designer, illustrator and a 2015 Emerging Creative.

Rendani “Missblacdropp” Nemakhavani has a graphic design degree from the University of Johannesburg. Inspired by street and African cultures, she has created a series of hand-drawn pointillism illustrations that she has used to create posters and cushions. The designs are a reflection of how she experiences Johannesburg with the illustrations referencing things like hairstyles, phrases she’s heard, the mini-bus taxi lifestyle and street names. 

Nemakhavani co-hosts the Design Share Party ( events and in 2014 curated a collaborative project, 30 Days & A City, that is ongoing. She is interested in working on product design – with a focus on furniture – as well as textile and clothing design.