The Project Room - Namibia

The Project Room highlights design made in Namibia by various members, using numerous design media.

The Project Room provides a platform where artists can experiment and develop new ideas (and teach their skills to other arts and crafters) that are thereafter exhibited in its gallery. The gallery opens its doors in 2014 with its first exhibition by Stephan Eins, a product designer who presents a series of lights made from scrap, found materials and hand-crafted wooden sculptures. All materials used, except for the electrical parts, are reused and the lights throw a unique shadowed pattern onto their surroundings. Also joining him in the launch is Frieda Lühl, a goldsmith who will present works of riveting. The pieces of handcrafted jewellery on show reflect layers of metal and stone riveted together into one-of-kind pieces of jewellery. Christine Skowski is a photographer who will also present photos from her collection "I've Been Through the Desert on a Horse with No Name".