Peter Veenstra

Landscape architect and partner in LOLA landscape architects.

Peter Veenstra leads many competition projects and design research projects within architecture firm LOLA and is active as a guest lecturer.

In design projects he strives to turn innovative ideas into simple achievable designs. The designs question the relationship between nature, man and technique. Sensory experiences of light and sound and the sense of orientation are being used to create an experience.

Freedom in movement and use is always the starting point, in both metropolitan environments as open nature. Examples are the design for Marstallplatz in Hannover, Naturalispark in Leiden and Star Maze park in Tytsjerk and the installation Composed Nature in Dordrecht and Neerpelt.

In 2013 he received the Rotterdam Maaskant Prize for Young Architects. On the occasion he co-wrote with Cees van der Veeken and Eric-Jan Pleijster the monograph on LOLA titled ‘Lost Landscapes’. 

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