Painting Cape Town: Graffiti from South Africa

"Painting Cape Town: Graffiti from South Africa" by author-photographer Matthew Olckers gives readers an insider view of Cape Town's graffiti subculture scene.

Including interviews with 29 of Cape Town’s most prominent graffiti artists, each story provides a unique insight into the rationale behind the artist’s passion. The history of the graffiti scene is traced from its beginnings on the Cape Flats in the 1980s and its roots within hip-hop culture, to the current graffiti scene polarised by contempt and praise. The author of the book, Matthew Olckers, started photographing Cape Town graffiti in 2007. He shared his photographs on a blog called PaintingTheTown. 

Through the blog he was able to make contact with graffiti artists in the city. During 2010, PaintingTheTown became inactive and Olckers focused full time on producing this book. In light of the increasing popularity of graffiti (and its close cousin street art) Painting Cape Town recognises the graffiti artists who have made an impact on the surfaces of the city though the quantity and quality of their work. The book gives you a chance to get inside the minds of the key figures in this often misunderstood subculture.