Neo Mahlangu

A fine artist who uses digital tools to interrogate attitudes about social media, the power of minority and the status quo.

Neo Mahlangu is a designer who plays on the boundary between socially aware fine art and stylish digital creations. Currently an art directing student of Umuzi Photoclub in Johannesburg, Mahlangu has taken part in a collaborative exhibition of art with leading lights in the industry including Diane Victor.

Mahlangu is currently working on a fine art project that deals with rampant dishonesty on social media, how invisible powers rule the lives of the vulnerable and challenging the norms of society. Mahlangu recently won third prize at the annual Arnold Africa Art competition. She has also taken part in the One Club for Creative Bootcamp event.

“A good designer can create designs that not only look great but can solve a problem. They understand that the best design is not usually created on the first attempt, you may fail a few times before your birth that beautiful masterpiece,” she says.