Nedbank is a proud sponsor of Design Indaba.

Nedbank Re-Imagines Money

The 2017 Design Indaba marks Nedbank’s third year of celebrating some of the globe’s most artistic minds that seek to utilise creativity to inspire innovation that drives sustainable solutions for socio-economic transformation. This year, we continue on this journey as we launch the Nedbank ReImagination Project, which aims to demonstrate how money well managed can make a real difference in people’s lives and that one should always take it seriously.

For us, Design Indaba Festival is an exciting creative platform that enables our brand to marry our financial expertise with the conference’s cutting edge innovative thinking – allowing for a formidable partnership that seeks to drive a better world through creativity. As money experts, we understand that the success of our business is not only intricately linked to, but is dependent on the success of the communities we serve. Thus, we see our involvement as an extension of our tangible investments in society deeply rooted in our desire to build a better future and make a difference in the lives of people.

The Nedbank ReImagination Project seeks to creatively explore the potential of money when re-imagined. For the first time in South Africa, Nedbank will equip two of the land’s talented artists, Karabo Moletsane and Daniel Ting Chong, with one inspired brief and a state of the art creative technology – and let their imagination run wild. Furthermore, the project will challenge 40 of the top Design Indaba Emerging Creatives to use their ingenious creative expertise to re-imagine money and its potential to solve a prevalent socio-economic problem.  

Our role as an economic enabler is to continuously empower clients to build financial fitness and achieve their aspirations. And, in our journey with them, we continue to realise the importance of partnering as well as paying homage to their respective professions, while understanding the role we  play in enabling clients to  navigate the kaleidoscope of opportunities that come with being a sought-after professional.

Join us on our journey as we explore the potential of money when re-imagined, in using / making use of creative solutions to solve for our socio-economics challenges.