Boubacar Doumbia is a textile designer, social innovator and founder of Ndomo a social enterprise addressing unemployment issues.

Boubacar Doumbia is not just a textile designer but also a social innovator. Ndomo, established in 2004, is a social enterprise created to address the problem of youth unemployment. When he was young, Boubacar Doumbia developed an interest in traditional cloth making techniques. Later when he became an art teacher working at a training college, he realised the need to create more effective youth apprenticeship programmes. Initially he began teaching traditional cloth dying to youth with physical disabilities, but the demand for training quickly expanded.

Boubacar launched a small group in his native village of Segou, and trained them in his small workshop. Some of the group had no formal education, while others had physical and learning disabilities. This meant taking an innovative approach to apprenticing young men to prepare them for work. Adopting the name Ndomo, he experimented with different ways to encourage them to become both great artists and highly entrepreneurial while producing quality textile products.