Natalie Paneng

This multi-talented artist says the Internet played a vital role in her career.

Natalie Paneng is a multi-disciplinary artist from Johannesburg, South Africa. She is currently a final year student at the University of the Witwatersrand where she majors in Set and Costume (Production) Design and Arts Management. Photography and videography are self-taught skills, which she continues to develop through ongoing process and practice. She considers herself as a multi-disciplinary artist due to her ability to borrow from various elements within her skill sets when producing work. As an upcoming artist Natalie has had the opportunity to exhibit her work on multiple platforms. This is inclusive of her exhibitions at Hazard Gallery with Bubblegum Club (2018) as well as at the Bubblegum Club Zine exhibition (2018) and the Gif Exhibit in Cape Town (2016).

Natalie participated in the Bubblegum Club Future 76 Micro Residency in 2018. Her photographic work is mainly focused on self-portraiture. She uses the mediums of photography and videography as a means to represent herself in different persona and characters which connect with an online audience. She hopes to grow as a digital artist as her work develops. A prime example of this is Natalie’s YouTube Channel and her online Persona Hello Nice who responds to digital aesthetics and pop culture. Using the Internet to market herself, she has also been featured for her work in online magazines such as Between 10 and 5 and Bubblegum Club, as well as Elle magazine.