Nanette Veldsman

Nanette Veldsman is a jewellery designer and lecturer at Stellenbosch University. She is the jewellery curator for Design Indaba Expo 2015

Nanette Veldsman is a contemporary jewellery designer and lecturer at Stellenbosch University in the Jewellery Design division of the Visual Arts Department.

She completed her BA (FA) in Creative Jewellery Design and Metal Techniques and her MA in Visual Arts with distinction at the Stellenbosch University. She also attended the Gerrit Rietveld Academie in Amsterdam, Netherlands, as an exchange student.

As a contemporary jeweller she exhibits nationally and internationally. Her research interest includes deconstructing stereotypes within conventional or traditional jewellery and objects within the South African context.

She investigates African material culture as a site where the contemporary and the traditional, the real and the fake, the sophisticated and the kitsch converge and overlap.